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The EarthCraft House Program is a voluntary green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthy, comfortable, affordable homes that reduce utility bills and protect the environment. Any size and style of new home can be certified under the program by meeting the EarthCraft House technical guidelines. The guidelines are flexible enough to allow for a variety of approaches to environmental construction. However, regardless of the method taken to qualify for the EarthCraft certification, each house must pass a third party inspection, which includes among other things: a blower door test and a HVAC duct blaster test. These inspections are all in an effort to ensure strict adherence to the program. The program was created in 1999 as a partnership between the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface Energy Institute.

Some of the EarthCraft House guidelines include:

  • High efficient windows < 0.35 U-factor, SHGC.
  • Overall tight construction for a tight building envelope through comprehensive air sealing measures and increased insulation.
  • Engineered high efficient HVAC system based on house orientation.
  • Drought tolerant landscaping packages.
  • Use of low VOC carpets and paints.
  • Controlled ventilation. Vent both cook top and bath fans to outside.
  • Erosion control site plan and tree preservation plan.
  • Use of engineered building materials to reduce environmental impact.
  • Promote the recycling of construction waste.
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